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Women's Jersey Mint Women's Jersey Mint - Size M


Beneficios que mejoran el desempeño. Mangas que implementan el tejido Velocity Canals, diseñado especialmente para mejorar el desempeño aerodinámico. Se adapta perfectamente al contorno del brazo y el hombro, y sus canales permiten que el aire fluya con una resistencia mínima. Silueta ajustada, Race Fit, para mayor velocidad.




Product description

Made with high-tech fabrics that allow better elasticity to fit the body perfectly, improving aerodynamics and performance.

Why wear this cycling jersey?

  • More breathability.
  • Quick drying.
  • More color stability against UV rays and continuous washing, thanks to the inks used (environmentally friendly).
  • Protection against UV rays.
  • antibacterial.
  • Anti-odour.
  • Sweat stain resistant.
More details that make the difference
  • Three reinforced pockets (the left one with reflective) for more load and greater ease of use. In addition, a fourth pocket covered with a waterproof membrane and zipper (reflective) was added for greater protection and safety.
  • YKK Automatic Lock zipper.
  • Non-slip elastic at the bottom that prevents it from moving.
  • Internal reinforcement at the top of the zipper for greater comfort.
Performance Suarez Line Technology
Your professional and fashionista look!
PERFORMANCE has been specially developed for cyclists looking for the necessary versatility to achieve the best performance in weekend competitions and long training sessions, with a fashionista design that will always mark a differential in the peloton, a tight racefit contour and very streamlined.
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