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Cycling Tights 7" Real Dusk Laurel 2.3 Cycling Tights 7" Real Dusk Laurel 2.3


Pedalea con estilo con nuestras medias de ciclismo. Diseñadas para pedalear cómodamente. Fibras de fácil lavado y rápido secado. Resistencia al uso, no se deforman ni se arrugan. Con tejidos Spandex para un mejor ajuste. Disponibles en dos tallas, para adaptarse a diferentes tamaños de pies.




Product description

Suarez cycling socks unisex Reall

For lovers of marginal gains, the Real tights were created with the wind in mind and thanks to their technology they have perfect compression while they stay in place thanks to the non-slip band that prevents them from moving. On the sole they have a special fabric designed for greater comfort in each pedal stroke.

You don't need them!
For extreme climates, to look cooler or even for a challenge with all conditions. Find in our portfolio of accessories what you need for each route and each ride, many colors and designs that will combine with your style.
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